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Home Deluxe Starter Pack

Home Deluxe Starter Pack

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A Natural Cleaning Deluxe Bundle! 

Natural cleaning can be divine. Clean your way to a relaxed state of mind with easy-to-use at-home products that are earth friendly and keep your home looking fresh.

Your home is your sanctuary. With us, it can be a sparkling sanctuary. We raise the standard of household cleanliness with premium products that are as safe as they are effective.

Individual price for all items in the bundle is $165

The following products are included in this Deluxe Starter Pack;

- 40 Fl Oz Laundry Detergent Refill Pouch

- 22 Fl Oz Multi-surface Cleaner

- 22 Fl Oz Glass Cleaner

- 16 Oz Oxygen Bleach

- 16 Fl Oz Daily Shower Spray 

- 16 Fl Oz Bathroom Cleaner

- 18 Fl Oz Dish Soap 

- 8.5 Fl Oz Foaming Hand Soap

- 20 Oz Fabric Softener

- 3 Large Dryer Balls

Each product is handmade with plant-based ingredients to keep your home looking as fresh as your linen.

Our cleaning kit is good for you, your family, your pet, and the environment.

Each product's ingredient can be found on each product page.  


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