About Us

Roses Natural came about as a genuine love of making soap! I grew up in a Vegan family and my parents were fairly set in their ways when it came to making things at home, creating memories, and avoiding as many chemicals as they possibly could within their home environment. My father was a traditionalist, he specializes in making herbs and soaps. As a youngster, I very quickly learned how to be adaptable and how to create. One of the things that I loved making the most was… you guessed it… soap!

I graduated from the prestigious Ohio State University with a in Pharmaceutical Science. My academic acumen and passion for a greener world further drove me to spend many years perfecting the art of soap making. I would pick and decorate my new soaps with wildflowers. I would add in different things like oats or salt to give the soap a harsher texture. I would add honey for the healing, soothing benefits it has for the skin. I could even perfume the soaps with natural things like crushed rose petals, which always had the bonus of turning the soap a lovely deep red.

Over the years I took on other work, as you do, but my heart was always in soap, as it were. On the evenings and at weekends I would come home and study away, testing out this ingredient or that fragrance. My friends and family came to rely on my regular parcels of soap and stopped buying some of their own. Before I knew it, I was taking orders. Then in 2013 disaster struck – or so I thought.

In 2012 my husband was transferred from Houston to Ghana and our small family uprooted and went with him. The assignment was indefinite and there was no way we could possibly be apart for so long. That small groups of loyal customers that I had spent so long lovingly cultivating were no longer open to me. Instead of getting down about it, I went on a soap making class run by my cousin, who explained the science behind the soaps and got me intrigued.

I set out on a renewed mission to change the world of soap by creating a chemical-free, industry-altering variety of all-natural liquid dish soap that is good for our skin and the environment. I perfected, tested and refined the recipe until I was sure that all the ingredients used were as responsibly sourced as possible. I took to the global marketplace – the world of online selling… and now you know how we got to be where we are right at this moment!

With a lifetime of soap making skill to draw from and newfound scientific knowledge of the chemicals to avoid, I went to work with fresh vigour. Though I had this upbringing where my exposure to toxins was very limited, it wasn’t until I was fully grown and raising a family myself that I realized the wisdom and importance of what my parents had been trying to teach me. Nowadays I have made it my personal mission to extend this knowledge to other families, and to share the benefits of my hard work with anyone who wants to listen!

So, if you want to impact the environment in a positive way while protecting your family from some of life’s harsher aspects then join me on my soap making journey and try my special products for yourself!