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Roses Natural

Daily Shower Spray

Daily Shower Spray

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Roses Natural Daily Shower Spray is an eco-friendly solution handcrafted with the power of nature to effortlessly maintain a spotless shower without the need for rinsing, scrubbing, or wiping. Experience the convenience of a sparkling clean bathroom as our spray effectively dissolves soap scum and stubborn build-ups while disinfecting and leaving a refreshing, invigorating scent.

Our plant-based formula ensures a guilt-free cleaning experience, as it works with nature to keep your shower clean and refreshing day after day. Embrace the convenience of our 16 OZ bottle, designed to provide ample supply for consistent and hassle-free shower maintenance.

Our thoughtfully selected ingredients, including Lemon Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil, and Tea Tree Essential Oil, ensure a potent blend that not only cleans effectively but also leaves a refreshing and soothing fragrance in your bathroom.

Allow our carefully crafted formula to become your ally in maintaining a pristine, inviting space that reflects your commitment to both cleanliness and eco-consciousness. With our Daily Shower Spray, you can look forward to a rejuvenating shower experience and a bathroom that always sparkles with natural brilliance.

  • 16 OZ bottle
  • Plant-based daily shower spray
  • Dissolve soap scum
  • Keep your shower sparkling clean
  • Scented with Citrus and Eucalyptus Mint


Distilled Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Ethyl Alcohol, Lactic Acid, Lemon Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil. 


Gently shake before use. Spray onto shower doors, walls, and handles after every shower. No scrub or wipe is needed. 

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